Staff Heating Package

The heating package is designed for heating the temporary staying personnel.


The staff heating package scope of delivery includes the following:

  • fully prefabricated Packaged Modular Unit;
  • metal structure and consumables for mounting;
  • set of spare parts and materials for the warranty period;
  • technical documentation (data sheet, operation manual);
  • primary fire extinguishing equipment;
  • potable water tank;
  • kitchen furniture completed with a refrigerator and electrical stove.

The heating is electric.

The electrical heaters have a regulated degree of protection from electric shock; they automatically regulate the temperature of the heat transferring surface of the heating member. 

For more efficient recovery of skin local temperature (face, hands, feet) there are local radiant or convectional heating devices.

To cool the room down during the summer season, there is an air conditioner in the room.

The surface temperature of the devices in contact with the employee's skin is 38...40°C.

There is an exhaust ventilation, sanitary area ventilation, split system.

For regular ventilation, there are household window fans.

The water should be tankered. Установлен бак для питьевой воды из нержавеющей стали над раковиной для мытья рук. В помещении санузла предусмотрен унитаз.





In the room there is a distribution cabinet.

Предусмотрено освещение блока и освещение входа.

Светильник освещения входа имеет степень защиты IP54 с энергосберегающими лампами.

Предусмотрено освещение:

  • рабочее и аварийное напряжением 220В, частотой 50 Гц;
  • ремонтное напряжением 12В (предусмотрен ящик ЯТП-0,25 с безопасным разделительным трансформатором по ГОСТ 30030-93 «Трансформаторы разделительные и безопасные разделительные трансформаторы»);
  • уличное, над входом в блок (светильник со степенью защиты IP54 и климатическим исполнением ХЛ1).
  • Для рабочего и аварийного освещения применены светильники со светодиодами лампами.

Сеть освещения выполнена медным кабелем. В помещении установлены розетки 220 В с заземляющим контактом для подключения переносного оборудования. В цепи питания данных розеток установлена УЗО (Iд=30 мА). Меры электробезопасности и пожарной безопасности согласно ПУЭ.



There are smoke detectors ИП 212-3СМ with loop output to the external terminal box KI1-6. There are manual fire annunciators at the entrance (SP 5.13130.2009).

There is a light-and-sound annunciation system (SP 3.13130.2009).



The BBT-АММА staff heating package 3.19х12.36х3.57 can be transported by road, rail or sea (river) in accordance with the current rules of transportation for the particular type of transport.

Regarding the climatic factors, the ББТ-АММА staff heating package 3.19х12.36х3.57 can be transported as per group 8 of GOST 15150-69. Regarding physical impact factors, the transportation standard is GOST 23170-78.

Before transporting dismantle and secure all the removable parts of the ББТ-АММА staff heating package 3.19х12.36х3.57 as per instructions of this Operation Manual.

Only serviceable packages with intact lifting lugs are allowed for transportation.

The BBT-АММА staff heating package shall be loaded onto the vehicle by means of cranes of suitable lifting capacity, equipped with lifting and pulling devices.

The ББТ-АММА staff heating package is allowed to be lifted only using the elements designed for lifting.

Otherwise lifting of the ББТ-АММА staff heating package is prohibited.

The BBT-АММА staff heating package shall be secured in the vehicles in accordance with the handling and securing specifications for each type of transport.

The overall dimensions of the ББТ-АММА staff heating package shall comply with the requirements of the handling dimensions from the Techncial Specifications for Handling and Securing Cargoes by the Ministry of Transport of Russia.



AMMA guarantees that the BBT-АММА staff heating package complies with the technical documentation, provided the customer maintains the conditions of transport, storage, mounting and operation.

The warranty period is 12 (twelve) months from the date of mounting or 18 months from the date of delivery, whichever comes first.

The service life of the BBT-АММА staff heating package is 8 years. The warranty periods for the components used in the ББТ-АММА staff heating package are specified by the manufacturer, who is responsible for their quality.

A warranty period may be agreed upon with the Customer.