АММА-БПГ Fire Hydrant Skids

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The Fire Hydrant Skid (БПГ) is designed to supply water for firefighting of process equipment, buildings, structures of oil and gas production facilities.

The skid houses a ground-based Fire Hydrant Unit.

The water supply to the skid is via two inlets with subsequent distribution to 4, 6, 8 branch pipes to connect the fire lines. A shut-off valves are mounted on each branch pipe inside and outside the skid.

All equipment is manufactured to suit the Customer's requirements, ensuring it is technologically advanced, ergonomic and easy to use.

All types of fire-fighting equipment have the necessary permits.

The Fire Hydrant Skid is manufactured as per TR 3683‐001‐64137682‐2010. Serial production.

The Fire Hydrant Skids are manufactured as Modular Container or containers. They are supplied to the customer as fully prefabricated and equipped with power supply, ventilation and heating systems.

In order to commission a Fire Hydrant Skid it is enough to erect it on the platform or a foundation and connect to the utilities.

Metal structures are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST 23118‐2019 Steel Construction Structures and SP 53-101-98 Fabrication and Quality Control of Steel Construction Structures. The Fire Hydrant Skid structure is a load-bearing metal frame made of profiled pipes with walls and a pitched roof made of sandwich panels. The floors are made of corrugated metal sheet with a wear-resistant paint coating. The doors are metal and heat-insulated. They are equipped with locks and other stops. The entrances include protective canopies and stairs. For handling and installation works there are lifting elements. 

The pipelines are manufactured in accordance with GOST 32569-2013 Industrial Steel Pipe-Lines. Requirements for design and operation in explosive and chemically dangerous industries. They have an anti-corrosion coating. The pipe and fitting material are selected as per Customer requirements and the medium. The pipelines are hydraulically tested for strength and leakage during the manufacturing process. ТPipelines can be insulated and electrically heated. In addition to piping, the skid is fitted with racks for storing fire-fighting equipment and supplies: hoses, barrels, fire extinguishers, helmets, buckets, etc. The skid is packed before shipment to the customer and delivered by road, water, rail, air or their combinations.

Electric heaters or water heating radiators are used to heat the skid. The Convectors are located in places that ensure unhindered and safe maintenance of the equipment. Natural supply and exhaust ventilation of continuous operation is provided in the Fire Hydrant Skid. Exhaust is via insulated ducting with deflectors. The air intake is made through the louvers in the skid wall. Manually operated valves are provided to regulate air flows in the exhaust and supply parts.

Consumers are supplied with power from an external power supply network. The electricity supply is of I category of reliability.
The electrical consumers are supplied from the Input Switching Device cabinet installed in the Fire Hydrant Skid. Electrical pipework heating is made with heating tape controlled by TS1 thermostats according to the temperature inside the skid.
Electrical wiring of the distribution and group circuits are made according to the TN-S system.
In the Fire Hydrant Skid, an internal ground loop of 4x25 mm steel strip is laid.
When the Fire Hydrant Skid is designed as a container, grounding from two opposite points is provided, terminals are provided for connection to an external grounding circuit.




Варианты комплектации

Model designation is АММА-БПГ

  • The Fire Hydrant Skid material design is assumed to be 09G2S.
  • Electrical line heating is included in the scope of delivery.
  • The Fire Hydrant Skid is of the general purpose design.


Fire Hydrant Skids Order Number

The Modular Container can be fitted with equipment according to the Customer's needs:

  • Binding of supply pipes;
  • Hinged fire cabinets;
  • Control panel;
  • Input switching device;
  • A tank for storing the foamer;

  • Эжекторным дозатором;
  • Генератором пены средней кратности повышенной дальности;
  • Генератором пены низкой кратности;
  • Лафетным стволом и другим вспомогательным оборудованием.
Наличие дополнительных опций осуществляется по индивидуальному заказу. Чертежи предоставляются по запросу. 


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