Комплекс мобильный штабной

Комплекс штабной мобильный предназначен для обеспечения комфортной работы персонала.


The delivery set includes:

  • modular container with installed equipment and base (foundation), pipelines, engineering systems;
  • frame for installing modular containers;
  • set of assembly systems (heating, ventilation, lighting, construction structures, security and fire alarms);
  • set of metering devices required for operation of the installed equipment;
  • furniture set (approved during DDD);
  • first aid kit;
  • spare parts set;
  • primary fire extinguishing equipment.

The following works are carried out:

  • complex services in designing all the sections, manufacturing, primary acceptance, delivery to the site, assembly and installation of the equipment, preparing and issuing a set of as-built documents;
  • development of the test methods and procedures;
  • trademarks of the equipment are preliminary and can be replaces with equivalents;
  • it is possible to deliver communication and IT equipment.

The delivery set includes the following documents:

  • technical certificate for packaged product issued by the Federal Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation;
  • set of design documents for the office;
  • test reports on main life support packages (heating, water supply, electric wiring and utilities);
  • fire safety certificates for the heat insulation in the fencing structures, cover materials, fire alarm sensors and substation equipment;
  • passports for modular packages building in accordance with GOST 22853-86;
  • manufacturer's manual for installation/dismantlement, operation, technical maintenance and repair of the building and included systems;
  • project, as-built documents for the power supply, heating, water supply systems of the building, passports for the used equipment;
  • recommendations for installation of the skid at the site;
  • passports and quality certificates for the equipment and materials applied during production.

Предусмотрено выполнение следующих работ:

  • комплекс услуг по проектированию всех разделов, изготовлению, первичной приемке, доставке на объект, сборке и монтажу оборудования, подготовке и выпуску комплекта исполнительной документации;
  • разработка программы и методики испытаний.
  • Марки оборудования предварительные, могут быть заменены на аналоги.

Имеется возможность поставки оборудования сетей связи и ИТ обеспечения.

Гарантийный срок устанавливается не менее 24 месяцев с момента ввода в эксплуатацию.

Гарантийный срок указывается в паспорте.

Срок службы - не менее 15 лет.